Project Manager

Developing Project Manger; with a unique hybrid approach combing somewhat the best aspects of Waterfall and Agile. Educated in Scrum, Environment of the workplace and manging creatives individuals


Has over 7 years within the photography field and is experience in concept development, legal contracts, managing make-up artist, models, technical equipment and technical staff. Setting up galleries, Studios and painting with Light making for an ideal individual to aid in photographic problems.

an example of something done for fun, quickly.

Technical Skills

All Adobe Products, creating creative video, making things work together fairly smoothly, fixing 90% of computer issues that present themselves, some coding know how and very good at streaming activates.

Problem Solver

As someone with experience within a range of different fields, not to mention my core logical background of science and chess mixing with my artistic side of Photography and Art & Design. I always have ideas bouncing around at the forefront of my mind, What ever your problem their is a solution, and I will either find or invent it. Try me