The Breathing Apparatus

A good game for good, that's pretty good.

The development of several character's for a game that is being design to help the user learn First Aid, Sign Language and at later levels medical practices that may help someone save or improve a life.


The Dressing Gown Experiment

This Project is currently in action, its objective is to test slight reactions to things that appear pointless and disorganized. In order to support a grander installation to help combat depression. The Installation is not designed to be a feel good space, but more make a sublime choice. Its been documented and well studied once someone suffering from depression that if they make a choice it engages them with reality for a moment and can successfully plant the seeds to recovery

Enthrived Learning and Games is a branch of Enthrived and the current project is bringing Breath, the character developed as part of the project above; into Enthrived and adjusting to be the inspiration behind this Branch. This includes ownership of the three products in development below.